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Kinesiology Professor applauds M-Reports for ease, accuracy


When Peter Bodary received his start-up package, he wanted to monitor the spending of it carefully -- but he found it difficult and frustrating to do so.

"Unless I asked someone to sit down and show me the numbers, I had no access to them that I knew of," he said.

Bodary was introduced to M-Reports -- an online system that allowed him to instantly view the financial status of his projects and grants.

"It's intuitive to use and keeps me much more up-to-date on my financials," Bodary said.

Bodary, who studies exercise and cardiovascular disease, said using M-Reports has brought a few issues to his attention sooner than before.

"I knew I had been awarded funding to pay a student research assistant, but when I looked at my account, I didn't see the money," Bodary said. Had he not had access to his financials in M-Reports, Bodary may not have been aware of the problem.

If I'm reviewing something and it looks off, I can keep clicking to get further into the detail behind the number," Bodary said.