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Is Spatial Data Locked Out Of Your Data
Warehouse? (Webinar)

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Wednesday, January 28
2:00 p.m.


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Everywhere you turn, you see or hear more news about the sagging economy, and you know that businesses today must be smarter than the competition in order to survive and even thrive during these difficult times. Smarter businesses need to make smarter decisions, and these businesses are realizing that there are invaluable insights locked in the business data in their data warehouses. It is time to include spatial data in these data warehouses and unlock the value through data visualization – it just may be the key to survival.

When relative location is incorporated into analysis, another strategic component is added to your decision-making process. Any analysis relating to key business processes, linked to the world of external and internal geographic data, can benefit from spatial information and enable your organization to make the best, most informed decisions.

Incorporating this strategic component allows your organization to: Identify revenue and growth opportunities based on the locations of your ideal customers correlated with internal and external geographic characteristics, or Improve customer service using location data to better understand potential competitive opportunities or threats, or Understand how particular products are performing or not performing, within geographic areas, related to demographic attributes.

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Is Spatial Data Locked Out Of Your Data Warehouse? (Webinar)
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