Analytics & Business Intelligence

Applied Survival Analysis

This workshop, held over two days, covers basic concepts of and common analytical approaches for time-to-event data, known variously as survival analysis (in biological and medical sciences), event history analysis (in social sciences), or reliability analysis (in engineering).

Date & Location

Tuesday, June 10 and Wednesday, June 11
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Rackham Building, 2nd floor, North Alcove in the West Lounge


The workshop will be held in a computer lab and the methods will be illustrated with hands-on exercises. Exercises and examples will use SPSS, SAS and/or Stata as necessary. This workshop covers:

  • Basic concepts associated with the analysis of censored data (survival function, hazard function)
  • Methods for estimating the survival function (Kaplan-Meier and life-table analyses)
  • Two-sample tests with censored data (log-rank and Wilcoxon tests)
  • Regression analysis with censored data (Cox proportional hazards regression, Weibull regression), including time varying covariates, correlated data, and stratified cox models
  • Discrete models for censored data (logistic regression, Poisson regression)


U-M affiliated faculty, staff and students: $300
Non U-M: $720

Registration Information

Call CSCAR at (734) 764-7828. Enrollment is limited.