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BusinessObjects Expert User Group Meeting

Date and Time

Wednesday June 10, 2009
8:30 – 10:30 a.m


Boyer Building
Computer Training Lab (Room 030)


What are the enhancements you’d like to see made to specific BusinessObjects Universes? A formula or variable you are continually creating? A report you can’t create because two universes will not merge?

Mark Davis-Craig, MAIS Data Warehouse Decision Support Products Team Lead, invites you to bring universe enhancement ideas to the next Expert User Group meeting!

The ideas will be shared and prioritized as a group. The group will also give feedback on previous Universe suggestions:

  • Add two report objects to all Fin and Payroll universes: “Current Fiscal Year” and “Most recently closed Acct Pd”
  • Add a report object to the Student data set, such as current ULSA term
  • Add formulas and variables for Project Year to the Fin Universes

Examples of enhancements that have been made in the past

  • The CAMPUS_ID field was always in UPPERCASE because that's the way the uniqname is stored in PeopleSoft.  We recently created dimension objects for "Campus ID Lowercase" in all universes that include Campus ID.
  • Today's date is a Report Object in every Universe

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This meeting is only open to U-M staff and faculty. You must be a member of the BusinessObjects Expert User Group to attend. Please apply for membership before registering.

BusinessObjects Expert User Group Meeting
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