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M-Dash / M-Stat Presentation

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Karen Dannemiller and her team from the Medical School presented both their M-Dash and M-Stat systems. M-Dash, short for Michigan-Dashboard, pulls together a wide variety of statistical data about the Medical School and turns it into easy-to-understand and useful charts, graphs and projections. It can be used to evaluate productivity of faculty members and departments, which can be helpful when trying to forecast future needs, such as when a new research building may be required.

M-Dash received national attention in 2006 in Academic Medicine and Business Week. Locally, it was featured in the Ann Arbor Business Review.

The M-Dash team was recently awarded $7,000 for the significant impact their work has had on the Medical School.

M-Dash, M-Stat, and M-Alert article:
Ann Arbor Business Review, U-M Med School software keeps track of business.
August 3, 2006