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Managing Scholarship Data to
Assist in Decision Making

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Elaine Nowak and Shelly Crundwell presented Managing Scholarship Data to Assist in Decision Making on October 2, 2007. Attendees came from 18 different colleges and units, such as the School of Art & Design, the Medical School and School of Education.

The key issues shared in the discussions were:

  • Barriers/roadblocks make it difficult for units to work more efficiently/effectively with scholarship data.
  • Local data elements unable to be combined with central data (e.g. audition performance, interview ratings, unique attributes, recommendations, etc.).
  • There isn’t a good way to workflow the process because the decision process involves multiple people. This also makes it challenging to inform others of updates. The work flow process is halted when data is in a place where it’s maintained and in a different area where decisions are made.
  • Capturing all data related to the decision-making process, including reviewer comments.
  • Analytical capabilities within units, especially in pulling the data together for multiple sources.
  • Criteria for scholarships is not well understood.

Attendees unanimously agreed this presentation was beneficial to their jobs, and they could apply what they learned, according to survey results. They also concurred that the speakers and their presentations were very informative.

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Presenters and attendees discuss how to manage scholarship resources.