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Xcelsius User Community Event

This event was held in order to jumpstart the development of an active community of Xcelsius users. Xcelsius is a dynamic and customizable data visualization software that enables users of different skill levels to create insightful and engaging dashboards from any data source with point-and-click ease.

Gary Uptigrove of University Human Resources, Bennett Stallone and Bruce Meier of the Medical School, and Shane Fortune of the Ross Business School demoed Xcelsius, allowing new users to see the tool in action, share key learnings, and meet other users.

Some helpful resources are available to Xcelsius users:

  • Share your approaches, knowledge, and experience on the BI Wiki.
  • Join the “Xcelsius User Group” to ask questions and solicit feedback from other users
  • If you are interested in joining the active Xcelsius user community, please contact Shane Fortune