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  • The U-M Tableau Server is live! Review the resources on this page to learn about how Tableau can help with your organization's reporting needs.
  • If you don't have the current version (10) of Tableau Desktop, download it at the Tableau website. If you do not have administrative rights on your computer, contact your desktop support person. Contact the ITS Service Center if you have questions.


What is Tableau?

Tableau Software is a new addition to the existing U-M Analytics and Business Intelligence toolbox. Tableau Desktop is used by advanced users to create and publish data visualization/dashboards, perform advanced data analysis, and create prototype reports.

Who can use it?

Users with a Tableau Desktop license can create visualizations using a variety of data sources. A Tableau Server licence enables a user to share those visualizations with the university community.

What advantages does Tableau offer the U-M reporting community?

In addition to an interface that is easy to use for both those who publish visualizations and those who use them, Tableau enables data from multiple sources to be integrated into "mashups", these visualizations can show combinations of locally maintained data, enterprise data, and even public data.

For example, a publisher could create a visualization that shows the interactions of data from an Access database holding the financial support being given to students and join this to the ERP data warehouse in Oracle of student enrollment to analyze and show how that financial support affects student retention. The data from a public source such as the last US Census saved into an Excel format could also be included to show economic demographics of the families of those students.

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For additional information about using Tableau, review these learning resources.

For questions about the U-M Tableau Server or to report an issue, contact the ITS Service Center.